Exposure Therapy – Information and Resources

Exposure Therapy – Information and Resources

Exposure is arguably the most important component of anxiety-related treatment. Despite decades of study, however, researchers are still developing an understanding of how it works and refining the procedures to improve effectiveness. This is an exciting time for exposure! Newer research is questioning the role of habituation in successful exposure and increasingly emphasizing the importance of developing a willingness to experience fear and anxiety.

For the last few years, I’ve been working to immerse myself in exposure research. This has been a steep learning curve, as I didn’t receive much background in graduate school. At times I’ve felt overwhelmed by the more technical accounts. However, I’ve persevered, and although I still have a lot to learn, I feel my clinical work is better for it.

I’ve written these posts to develop my own understanding of exposure and in the hopes that other therapists would find them helpful, too. I’m extremely interested in the cutting edge work being done to create more flexible models and approaches for applying exposure-based interventions, particularly in the context of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

If you’d like to see me write about another topic related to exposure therapy or want to get some input about using exposure therapy in your practice, write me an email: bthompson@portlandpsychotherapyclinic.com

I’m collecting all my posts about exposure therapy on this page, so please check back as I update it.

Exposure therapy: What can we take away from newer research

This series of posts is meant to serve as an introduction to exposure therapy, examine some of the cutting edge research, and  look at shortcomings of some of the older models.

Research studies on exposure-based interventions

This series of posts summarizes some novel studies and applications of exposure-based interventions. Theory is less emphasized, if mentioned at all.

Understanding and using exposure in an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy context

This series of posts focuses on how exposure may be applied within ACT. This is still new territory, and some of these posts are my attempts to clarify and summarize my own ideas.