Videos of Exposure Therapy

Videos of Exposure Therapy

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought as part of my continuing sequence on exposure therapy, I thought I’d share some videos I like.

I should offer credit to Kelly Koerner and Gareth Holman at Practice Ground, who introduced me to many of these videos through an excellent online exposure training they offered. I’ve done two online trainings through Practice Ground and they were both excellent—I highly recommend checking them out!

Snake Phobia

Anxiety disorder guru David Barlow invited Swedish expert Lars-Göran Öst to Boston to demonstrate his one-shot 3-hour simple phobia treatment for a woman who was extremely afraid of snakes. Öst shows a charming mix of compassion and good humor as he gently guides a terrified woman through the treatment.

Click here to watch the video

Panic Disorder

This is a nice example of a man deliberately exposing himself in public to sensations associated with panic disorder. One thing I like about it is that he acknowledges that it can be uncomfortable to do these things in public, yet he does it anyway.


Here’s a video showing a woman with agoraphobia engaging in exposure with her therapist and on her own:

Brief Informational Video

This last one isn’t a demonstration of exposure therapy so much as an informational short. It’s about the best advertisement for exposure therapy I could imagine. Good productions values, brief, filled with helpful statistics, and featuring some of the biggest names in exposure therapy: