An Interview with Steve Hayes during his Portland visit (09/04/2014)

An Interview with Steve Hayes during his Portland visit (09/04/2014)

Last week, University of Nevada – Reno professor Steve Hayes, PhD, came through Portland to conduct an intermediate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) workshop. In anticipation of the visit, Dr. Hayes reached out to the Oregon chapter of the Association of Contextual Behavioral Science.

Through this outreach, Dr. Hayes agreed to be interviewed for the Oregon chapter. As president-elect of the Oregon chapter, I talked with Dr. Hayes about his thoughts on creating a strong and supportive community.

I think this interview will be of interest to anyone within the ACT community, and particularly those who, like Oregon, have created their own chapter or are thinking about creating a chapter. Dr. Hayes also talks more broadly about his vision for the community and ways in which its development surprised him.

Dr. Hayes was extremely generous in donating his time amidst a very busy schedule.

Click here to listen the interview with Steve Hayes, PhD (approx. 40 minutes).