A daily diary study of mood and drinking

* Please note: we are not actively recruiting participants for this study at this time. We will resume recruitment in the fall. Anyone interested in being contacted about this study in the fall is welcome to fill out a contact form.

The Research Lab at Portland Psychotherapy is conducting this study to learn more about the relationship between mood, daily experiences, and drinking. We are interested in learning more about the daily patterns of all sorts of different people, and would appreciate your contribution.

Study Overview

In this study, we are asking local people to come to our clinic to share more about their use of alcohol (whether they drink a little or a lot, or anywhere in between), their emotions, and their attitudes about themselves. Part of this process includes a videotaped interview in which participants are asked to talk openly about positive and negative drinking experiences; the videos are kept secure and private for research purpuses only and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Portland Psychotherapy research team. We then have participants keep an online “daily diary” for 21 days to learn more about how daily events, moods, and alcohol use are related. Eligible participants will be compensated up to $50 and, if needed, we can help cover the costs of public transportation.

Participation is private and confidential, and we will use the results to help develop better treatments for people who struggle with their moods and/or alcohol use. You can help!

Get Involved

Step 1: Please read our informed consent form.

Step 2: Fill out the study contact form.

Step 3: Thats it! We’ll contact you to finalize a meeting time.

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