About Portland Psychotherapy

Portland psychotherapy is based on a social enterprise model that delivers three services:

  1. Specialty therapy services for the public

  2. Training in evidence-based therapy for professionals

  3. Scientific research to benefit all of humanity.

OUR MISSION is to use science to develop and guide compassionate, effective treatment and contribute to the wider community through research and training.

OUR BUSINESS MODEL ensures that we are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in evidence-based practice. The clients we see and the services and training we provide fund our scientific research. You can read more about our business model on our portlandpsychotherapyclinic.com website for clients.

This website (www.portlandpsychotherapytraining.com) focuses on our training and research mission.

If you are a client interested in therapy services or classes and groups, go to our sister site at www.portlandpsychotherapy.com.

You can see our privacy policy here.