CBT-I Therapist Resources

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  • CBT-I seminars through University of Pennsylvania

Relaxation Resources:
It is often most effectice to set a goal to practice the skill of relaxation, I would suggest starting with at least 10 min per day. To best make this happen I would suggest trying a specific time during your day & stick with that for this week (e.g. after you brush your teeth).

Lots of people find the practice easier and more enjoyable by using some guided audio.  Here are some suggestions if you would like to give them a try…

Finally, here are some sites that have a collection of recordings to test out what you like best…

Mindfulness Practice Resources:
Similar to relaxation practice, it is often most effective to learn the skill of mindfulness via daily practice.

To best make this happen I would suggest finding specific times during your day (maybe during your morning or night routine) and find a specific thing you always do to ‘piggybacky’ this new habit to for this week (e.g. after you brush your teeth).  Below are some resources for guided mindfulness exercises to practice with:


Guided audio to stream or download (I’d recommend to try a few to see what you like):

Finally, here is a nice 1 minute video of how mindfulness works on the mind.  Additionally, if you want to listen to an excellent intro talk about the basics of mindfulness here is a 60 minute talk titled Do You Make Regular Visits to Yourself? and part 2 can be found here.

Professional Books:

Lay Person Books:


  • Videos and info on the science of sleep from Harvard’s division of Sleep Medicine